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Zinc Die Casting UK Properties of Zinc ZL3

ZL3 is a general purpose alloy which can be used for a variety of applications, on a hot chamber pressure die casting machine. Its mechanical and physical properties make it ideal for use in die castings for the engineering and automotive industry, household equipment and utensils, office equipment, builder39s hardware, locks, toys, giftware, etc. It is easily machined, buffed, polished.

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ZL3 is widely used as a general purpose zinc alloy for the hot chamber pressure die casting process. The alloys properties ensure its wide application of uses within the automotive and engineering industries. ZL3 is widely used within the hardware and lock industries as well as for industrial fixings, furniture fittings, toys etc. The chemical composition of ZL3 conforms to the BS EN 1774:1997.

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ZL3 is easily machined, buffed, polished, lacquered and electroplated for decorative or functional purposes. When designing a stressed component using ZL3 designers should refer to the alloys properties, at elevated temperatures, after natural or artificial ageing and the alloys creep properties.

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Aluminium bronzes are alloys of copper and aluminium. The content of aluminium ranges mostly between 5 and 11. Iron, nickel, manganese and silicon are sometimes added. They have higher strength and corrosion resistance than other bronzes, especially in marine environment, and have low reactivity to sulphur compounds. Aluminium forms a thin

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Aluminium High Pressure Die Casting HPDC is RD Castings main activity and is an area in which we are highly renowned with over 40 years of experience in the field. The Advantages of Aluminium HPDC: Dimensional accuracy and stability produces parts that are durable and dimensionally stable, while maintaining close tolerances.

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